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Hello. Hi. Namaste!

Hi, I’m Divya, the founder of Heartfull, a luxury artisanal snack company that combines creativity with science to create functional foods and handmade chocolate truffles with unique flavour combinations inspired by my Indian heritage and love for travel. I created Heartfull because I believe wholefoods focussing on bold and unique flavour combinations was missing in the market, particularly in the savoury snack segment

My favourite meal of the day is elevenses aka the mid-morning snack. As a lover of savoury > sweet, I have always struggled to find variety and so every day in the hospital, I’d eat and share my elevenses.

​After six years as a Clinical Pharmacist, I decided to park my NHS career and follow my passion for creating beautiful food bursting with flavour. from the bottom of my heart, it brings me so much joy to bring you, Heartfull."



  • Source Local: We source our produce from small and local businesses. We want to reconnect communities with a source of their food and connect people to the local suppliers who make it.

  • Be Sustainable: All of our packaging is recyclable and we encourage you to repurpose where possible. For example, our jars can be re-used to store other foods especially sauces, dressings, overnight oats; make up brushes; stationary & coins! ​

  • Make Everything With Love: Growing up in an Indian household meant our kitchen was always singing with flavours and dancing with colour.  Whenever I said to my parents ‘this is amazing, what’s the secret?’ The answer was always, ‘it is made with a spoonful of love beta.'  Hearing that, always made my heart feel so full. When I discovered my love and passion for creating all things delicious and aromatic, I’ve always done so with our family’s secret ingredient.